September 27, 2023

I watch Cesar Millan and try to avoid a brain aneurism

I watch Cesar Millan and try to avoid a brain aneurism

In this video, dog trainer Alex Antoniazzi will be sharing his expert opinion and reacting to Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer tv show clips giving insights into dog behavior, training, and psychology.

Cesar Millan, a controversial dog trainer, has garnered significant attention through his television show and books, but many experts and animal welfare advocates argue that his methods are not good for dogs. One of the primary concerns is his reliance on dominance-based training, which can lead to fear, anxiety, and aggression in dogs. Critics argue that such techniques may suppress unwanted behavior temporarily, but they fail to address the underlying issues and emotional well-being of the animals. Millan’s techniques have been deemed outdated and unscientific, promoting alpha rolls, choke collars, and other punitive measures, which can cause physical and psychological harm to dogs.

Positive reinforcement methods, backed by scientific research, are considered more effective, humane, and sustainable in promoting long-term behavior changes in dogs. Responsible dog training focuses on building trust, fostering a positive relationship with the animal, and understanding their needs, rather than relying on outdated dominance-based tactics.

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