September 23, 2023

Cancer Treatment Stelfonta in Action for Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs – VLOG 132

Cancer Treatment Stelfonta in Action for Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs - VLOG 132

Teddy was one of my first Stelfonta patients that I treated in the US with this new FDA-approved intratumoral treatment for mast cell tumors. His journey was different from Tucker, who I showed you in my previous vlog.

In this vlog, you will see Teddy’s Stelfonta journey from injection to aspirate at his 1 month follow up.

Be sure to watch vlog # 130 to learn all the details on Stelfonta for MCT including what is it, what to expect with treatment and after, side effects, how effective is it, which dogs should be treated with Stelfonta, and how do you get this treatment.

Looking for more information please check out the Virbac website


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